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The reductions in starch digestion were dependent on the type of rice product varieties (medium grain white, medium grain brown, and long grain brown about 20% (P=0.05); basmati about 30% (P=0.05); and parboiled about 40% (P glucose release; Starch digestibility profile; Cooking method; Cold storage; Mincing; Reheating GI: Glycaemic Index; GL: Glycaemic Load; i AUC: Incremental Area under the Curve; RDS: Rapidly Digested Starch; RS: Resistant Starch; SDS: Slowly Digested Starch; TAS: Total Available Starch; TS: Total Starch As the primary carbohydrate source that supports more than half of the world population daily energy intake, rice plays an important role in meeting the energy requirement and nutrition intake.

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It was also hypothesized that whole grain rice with outer bran intact may resist digestion longer than chopped whole grain rice and well-polished rice grain [15].

The total amount of starch digested to glucose in 180 minutes is termed total available starch (TAS=RDS SDS RS).

The aim of this study was to obtain proof of principle that storing cooked rice at 4°C for 24 hours and reheating can reduce the rate and extent of starch digestion and glucose release and to discover the optimal combination of factors (rice type, particle size, cooking method, and storing condition) to improve the health profile of cooked rice to reduce the glycaemic load of rice consumers.

Two important intrinsic factors are the quantity of dietary fibre present and the amylose to amylopectin ratio which depends on the botanical origin of the rice.

The dietary fibre content of brown rice may significantly reduce the susceptibility to enzymatic degeneration (i.e.

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