Advanced dating techniques program

Then I realized the cravings were ego-blockages and that I did not want them.

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But Rahdha said, "My Lord, there is only one thing I want from you, and that is to be your Flute, to feel your sweet lips next to mine, to feel your sweet breath entering into me 24 hrs a day to make your sweet music in the World"In every age there is a need for renewal of the original spiritual impulse in order to provide more Happy Enlightened Beings for the benefit of Humanity, for the benefit of the World, For the benefit of the Universe.

ENERGY ENHANCEMENT DHARMA MEGA SAMADHI REMOVES THE ENERGY BLOCKAGES OF THE SELFISH COMPETITIVE PSYCHOPATHIC EGO ONE BY ONE, KNOT BY KNOT UNTIL, "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE" ONLY ONE SOUL INFUSED PERSONALITY REMAINS. However today I noticed with more light in my system, that there are more, smaller ego blockages which are there and which talk to me. This guy basically pleasure-seeks and avoids pain/responsibility and is good at justifying its reasons and making excuses.

The second me, was this overwhelmingly peaceful, white light.

The bank, the infinite energy from the chakras above the head.

To pick up this energy use Level 1: Macrocosmic orbit and enter the stream in meditation.

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