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I am perpetually amazed with the amount of amazing work out there! Two knights set for an adventure after a powerful sorcerer screws over their world. While I’m yet to ride on the ‘monster BL’ trail, I appreciate Aero’s efforts in making these beastly affairs hot and sexy.

After one of them gets transformed into a beast, the two knights find a way to cope with these changes while fighting and fucking monsters in between. I’ve been traumatised by time travelling thanks to Hosoda’s Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo and Orange so I feel iffy reading this comic because it reeks of heartbreak. The story’s time travelling mystery lures you in and the art is just lovely. Sometimes, it’s nice reading something close to home, even if it’s difficult.

As a gift to all of you, I’ve finally compiled the 2015 BL Webcomic Rec List from all you amazing people. Had I done this alone you’d probably get a handful but I got tons from you guys which means you’ve got tons of things to read this 801 weekend! I’m so happy that you guys gave so many titles and I did my best to squeeze some time to look at some of the recs. Visual styles range from Archie-esque, Amecomi-esque hypermasculine bods, to more bishonen-esque boys here and there.

Now I know that I said BL and some of you may have expectations that this will be similar to some Nakamura Shungiku titles and the lot. And yes, there’s even beasts and monsters in this list, if that’s your cup of tea!

This falls in the same universe as Gayliens which appears to be a project among a group of friends who wish to draw gay aliens. This has more pages than Gayliens and looks closer at the origins of the two characters, Frankie and Rue.

Beautifully drawn and refreshing to read, I’m excited to see how this series continues.

Elliot’s the lead singer in his band and has a massive crush on the hot vigilante, Red Shift.I haven’t read far but there seems to be a love triangle in the works between Elliot, Red Shift, and Red Shift’s bro, Danny. Elliot and Alex have an interesting friendship but I think what I love most is how the author knew their place given the story’s setting.I can only imagine Elliot’s dilemma, given the two brothers are both hot and adorable. I like how this story is so conscious of the shifting ideas on relationships and sexuality during 60s without looking or feeling outdated. Fritz Fargo’s quite a handful and if you’re living the wild life, you need someone like Ed to keep you at bay.At the very least, it’s drawn clean and it looks promising.For now, an old guy picked up Andreas and wants to be friends with benefits. Would you ever trust an oyaji asking you to be friends with benefits, Andreas? Reading this made me regret not building last year’s list because CENTAAAAAAUR in the Old Wild West is just fun. I am much too old to appreciate nightclubs but when cute boys are involved, I don’t mind reading a chapter or two.

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    There are absinthe-induced hallucinations, exciting glimpses of the festival scene (blink and you’ll miss Ava Du Vernay, Common and Mariah Carey, though not the cameos by Sean Combs and Iyanla Vanzant), a girls-against-girls dance-off/brawl and an airborne urination scene funny enough to empty a few audience bladders in turn.