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She stepped her feet out and kicked the puddle of cloth aside.She reached behind her, undid the clasp of her bra, and pulled it off her chest in one quick motion. She liked standing topless in panties in the window.Sarah peeled her shirt off, standing in bra and long pants in the window.Next, she undid the snap of her pants and slid them down her legs.Sarah couldn't help but think of it with that word.Button by button, a thin line of pale skin, now a peek of bra, and now lean torso and bellybutton came into view.

Sarah refused to refer to it as an interrogation room. He doesn't concern himself with this part and he expects I'll have you arrested by PD and clean you off the streets. He wrote down a website and user name and pushed the slip of paper toward her.She was convinced of his guilt by the end of his monologue. "You know," Sarah said, cutting him off midsentence, "It's too bad you weren't doing it." "What? I don't know what you're talking about," Larry said. Larry leaned back in his chair, no words coming out. You have the right to consult an attorney...." Sarah didn't wait for the rest of the Miranda Warning. "I'm pretty vanilla," she said to Anne, "I don't need anything fancy to get me going." Anne shook her head laughing, "You fooled me. except, you know, me." Anne laughed and walked back toward the stores, on patrol again. I'll hit you up later." Larry shook his head, amazed at his luck. He tapped the screen a few times and there it was, him filming his erect penis through the sizeable gap in the open door of the dressing room.She walked out of the room, giving the real officers space to work. Anyway, don't let me hold you up from going home early. Sarah hung her duty belt and gear up in the small locker area.She stood in the hallway just outside the security office, laughing to herself. She grabbed her keys and headed out into the beautiful sunshine, the smell of flowering trees floating on the warm afternoon breeze. He was gone for a few days every other month and Sarah missed him, especially today.

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