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“I just want people to know the real him.” Police have said Plitt, 37, was running on the train tracks while two crew members filmed him for a sports drink video. and was struck by the train,” Burbank Police Department officer Joshua Kendrick told The Wrap Wednesday.

“As the train approaches, the train conductor sounded its horn. However, the crewmembers have insisted that they didn’t know Plitt would be running on the tracks, according to Kendrick.

Investigators have ruled out a suicide, and were trying to determine who directed the men to film without a permit in a restricted area of the tracks Saturday afternoon.

They have interviewed witnesses who saw Plitt standing on the track even as the train's horn was blaring, Burbank police Sgt. A photo has surfaced showing what appears to be George Plitt on the railroad tracks shortly before he was hit.

Then other soldiers start looking up to them as role models. He did TV commercials for Old Spice Body Wash, ESPN's Great Outdoor Games, Under Armour, MTV, Zoli Sinks, Gold's Gym Power Flex, Bowflex, and modeled for Under Armour, Old Navy Jeans, Calvin Klein, Modell's, and Skimpies, among others. Plitt was hit and killed by the southbound Metrolink Antelope Valley Line train 268 in Burbank, California, on January 17, 2015, while running between the rails.

His death was recorded by the camera mounted in the cab of the engine.

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More details have surfaced surrounding the death of fitness model George Plitt, who was struck and killed by a train in Southern California on Saturday afternoon.

Friends of a fitness model and actor who was hit by a train and killed while making a video said that he was a bold and fearless person who just made a rare mistake."It was just a freaky moment where something got out of control," said Warren Coulter, who had been friends for 15 years with 37-year-old George Gregory Plitt Jr., who went by "Greg."Plitt, among the more recognizable faces and physiques in the fitness industry, was shooting a video for his website with two crew members when the Metrolink commuter train hit him Saturday afternoon in Burbank, authorities and friends said.

While Stejskal was with the sports guru that morning before he left for the train station, she has also said she didn’t know they were planning to shoot on the tracks.

“There were some ideas tossed around about what they wanted to shoot that day, I think it was all very spur of the moment,” she said, adding, “I wish it hadn’t ended the way it did.” Plitt and Stejskal had been together for around 18 months after meeting through their mothers, who were friends.

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